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Date: 2018-01-11 07:58

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The day my daughter informs me a black grandchild is on the way is the day I hang myself. However, the difference is she was informed as a teenager how her Father felt about what is and is not acceptable when it comes to the birds and the bees.

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Im going through something very similar to what you went through except my parents are Albanian they have completely disowned me for wanting to be with someone I love so much that 8767 s not Albanian reading your story really helped me thank you so much for posting this is its very inspirational I wish people would just love others and not see color we all bleed the same color❤️❤️

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There are lots of dating sites to choose from and sometimes it’s difficult to decide which one is right for you. So how can you decide? Well in general there are two main types of website – generalist dating sites and niche dating sites. On generalist sites people are not looking for anything in particular. For example if you are a black guy you will not know for sure if anyone on that site likes black you are a white woman and you are into black men then you won’t know if any black guys that you find are into white women until you go through their dating profiles in detail. So it amounts to a lot of time searching and reading through lots of profiles searching for like minded people. So at best you will find a small number of people who might be suitable.

You learned a lot about racism in this experience. However, you did miss one area that I couldn 8767 t help but notice. Your black boyfriend most likely was rejecting much darker black women to be with you. Colorism is common among minority men who reject their own kind to be with white women. For example, Tiger Woods has an absolute preference for blonde white women with blue eyes most of the time. Occasionally, he dates white brunettes. Meanwhile, he rejects much darker black women who look like the women from the Supremes from the 6965s or Janet Jackson.

Wow you posted this on the internet with a photo of your father? What a way to disrespect your entire family. Your dad was trying to help you and all you can do is try to ruin him. You are an absolutely horrible person. How do you not know the statistics concerning blacks? Are you ignorant? Did you think your father would want you to be exposed to the worst culture on earth? Bleh, disgusting.

I ve been trying to persuade my wife to do this for years and havent yet succeeded - any advice. There is nothing more I would like to see than her sucking a black cock, letting him suck her sweet cunt, then her straddling his mouth while his cock grows really hard and then finally her sucking him till sperm runs all out of her mouth and she looks all exhausted and delighted. But she won 8767 t do it

I 8767 m not bigoted. I dated Asian girls, my brother married a black girl. Proof my conservative family is tolerant

It 8767 s okay for her father to marry a Hispanic but it 8767 s not okay for her to marry a black man. She 8767 s not Caucasian because she 8767 s not white, have you thought about all you people who are spweing hate. Her father is trying to force her to be white and she 8767 s not. Same as the people who are busy commenting that she must marry in her race, what is her race?

Honestly to tell you the truth NO RACE will want you after you dated a black guy. Because he was successful some might forgive however Im telling you no race including Middle Eastern or Asian and even your own will want you because you have it in your mind that you can save RACISM. Look just take the burden off your shoulders and go back to dating your men or other races THAN BLACK. Tell no one you dated a black guy and you will have a better life. I PROMISE you as I know what a lot of white women go through. Ive had many White girlfriends tell me they wish they didn 8767 t DATE a black guy rather someone of another race because there is too much contrasting differences. Good luck with your life and I hope you 8767 ve moved on I want you to be happy.

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