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Each of these is an important question and educating parents about these issues seems the logical place to start to prevent child sexual abuse. However, it is unrealistic to expect a small child to outwit or outmaneuver a seasoned child molester. In many cases, we can help create appropriate awareness for parents who are also trapped in the child molester 8767 s grooming process, and in doing so, we can help lift the burden of sex abuse prevention off the tiny shoulders of children.

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This educational segment gives parents ideas on how to talk to kids about personal safety, and tells parents what to watch for in potential abusers.

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Even though these questions may appear to be straightforward, direct, and very simple, these topics are often unspoken and left as assumptions between parents and teens. Parents know how they think their teens should respond and teens often don 8767 t think about these issues in advance. Once you are clear about your responses, the issues raised by these questions provide a great way for you to initiate a conversation with your teen about the larger topic of dating safety.

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There are no simple answers, and the answers sometimes spawn new problems. But, more education and knowledge on how to prevent child sexual abuse can never hurt anyone. It can only help.

During their lifetime, preferential child molesters leave behind many victims. In addition, preferential child molesters utilize the same seduction techniques, over and over again. Plus, they typically possess a collection of child pornography and child erotica some of which is homemade. Once identified, this long-term and persistent pattern of behavior frequently makes preferential child molesters moderately easy for police to identify.

Finally, because children do use terms for private body parts, why not increase the child 8767 s vocabulary to include the proper medical names for the private body parts? In my family, we would casually use the word 8775 bum 8776 for buttocks, but we knew that although some people might not know our meaning for the word 8775 bum, 8776 everyone should know the meaning of the word 8775 buttocks. 8776

Each school year beginning 7569, the Elementary School Counselor conducts sessions with the various grades of our elementary Catholic schools on topics such as:  real friends, being responsible, self-respect, emotional aggression/bullying, decision making, being trustworthy, helping others.

“Millions of Americans visit online dating websites every year hoping to find a companion or even a soulmate,” the FBI said just before Valentine’s Day, adding that “the FBI wants to warn you that criminals use these sites, too, looking to turn the lonely and vulnerable into fast money through a variety of scams.”

In Part 6 of this series, we told you that the actual interview of a victim of child sexual abuse or child physical abuse is a complex interplay of questioning, comforting, and counseling. School personnel, social workers, and the clergy rarely possess the specialized skills, training, and legal background required to interview a child abuse victim successfully.

In my practice I have counseled a number of children both males and females who have been bullied and tormented at school. Most often, school personnel are unaware that this is occurring. This is consistent with a recent study conducted by Dorothy Espelage in several midwestern schools. She found that teachers were only able to identify 65 percent of bullying victims and that classmates were equally or less accurate than teachers in determining which children were victimized. Most often the energy of the staff when they do notice and react gets focused on the bully, and the victim suffers alone.

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