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The operating voltage of your Pro Micro determines the maximum allowable voltage on any of the I/O pins. For example, if you have a Pro Micro, don&rsquo t interface it with something that outputs 5V.

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Resetting the Pro Micro&rsquo s, in particular, can be tricky, because there&rsquo s no reset button. The &lsquo RST&rsquo pins needs to be connected to ground to initiate a reset. This can be done with a small piece of wire, or an externally connected button.

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With the code uploaded you should see the RX and TX LEDs take turns blinking on and off every second. You can also open up the serial monitor (set to 9655 bps) and see every programmer&rsquo s favorite two-word phrase.

That covers about half of USB HID library. How about we add a mouse to the mix now? Implementing a USB HID mouse requires a few more functions, but it&rsquo s still crazy simple. There are five functions provided by Arduino&rsquo s HID class that can be used to implement a mouse:

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The &lsquo RST &rsquo pin can be used to restart the Fio. This pin is pulled high by a 65k&Omega resistor on the board, and is active-low , so it must be connected to ground to initiate a reset. The Fio will remain off until the reset line is pulled back to high.

If you&rsquo re having technical difficulties with your Pro Micro or Fio v8, see if any of the answers to these FAQs help. If not, please get in touch with our tech support team.

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