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Date: 2018-01-07 14:30

See the common thread? All of them are plays off of real names, idioms or catchphrases, which is why they evoke smiles from readers.

The top 10 words to use on your dating profile to DOUBLE

Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling. -Margaret Lee Runbeck
Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
It 8767 s opener, out there, in the wide, open air. -Dr. Seuss
Today is your day, your mountain is waiting. So get on your way. -Dr. Seuss

Best dating-profile words - INSIDER

There’s nothing wrong with using the word shy to describe yourself. If you’re more into staying home and watching a documentary than busting moves at the club, that’s cool! But instead of using the word shy, why not be a little more precise? For example, if you’re not comfortable around large groups of people, we suggest describing yourself as independent or introverted .

10 Words To Never Use On Your Online Dating Profile

When first signing up for this site, I filled out a cursory profile, refraining from uploading photos and barely including any information. Immediately after signing up, my profile was promptly suspended for 98 hours while they performed a background check.

Plenty of Fish It certainly earns the "Plenty" in its name — we received a ton of interactions, but the overall quality was pretty bad. Still, it's popular and free.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find someone who can check off all the things on your list, and you probably can’t check off everything on his list either. Plus, that’d be kind of boring, right? So, pick the most important qualities you’re looking for and be more specific about those instead of creating an exhaustive list. For example, “Volunteering for my local Humane Society is my true passion, and I’d love to find someone who cares about animals, too.”

We find the best of everything. How? We start with the world. We narrow down our list with expert insight and cut anything that doesn't meet our standards. We hand-test the finalists. Then, we name our top picks.

The gift-giving season is finally here. But what should you do if you get a present that you just cannot stand? It 8767 s not as uncommon as you may think. A

Many times, we weren’t sure if the messages we were receiving were from a real human or a spambot, because they just said “hey” or something similar. Clicking through to the sender’s profile didn’t help most people don’t spend very much time filling out their profile on POF, and it was hard to tell if something like “……..” was written by a scammer who didn’t want to invest too much time in a fake profile or a guy genuinely looking to date who just got bored while filling out his info.

The standard fields you fill in on your profile are open-ended without being too general, which lets people come up with creative, interesting answers almost without trying. Yes, it includes the standard prompt to list your favorite movies, music, and TV shows, but it also asks you what six things you couldn’t live without and what you spend a lot of time thinking about. With those kinds of questions, it would be hard not to come up with unique answers that show potential dates what makes you you. Unlike on most of the other apps we tested, we didn’t find any OkCupid profiles left blank or populated by “I’ll fill this out later.”

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