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Date: 2018-01-11 18:52

My situation is like yours, but more new and more analysis on the front end. I feel he is more mature than I am, although he is half my age. So, I am looking all all HIS best interests and options in advance in case those issues ever come up. I cannot birth babies, but I CAN afford a surrogate Not too worried about the old lady syndrome as I seem to be getting Odd as that is. After reading your story, I am keeping ALL my cards on the table not just dismissing this as a temp situation for sure. Thank you.

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so i dont take it lightly, not at all, and i am very good at avoiding anyone getting to that close with me stage cos they just didnt have what i was crying over

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I am proud to say that I am a very looking 85 y/o woman. I started dating an amazing guy who is 76 year old two weeks ago. We couldn t be happier except for his mother. She hates me because of my age and acts like I m such man-eating tramp. It is already starting to turn into this huge drama. The problem is that I have fallen hard for this man. We really are just so perfect for each other. I don t know how to handle the whole mom situation since he still lives at home. I would try talking to her but just last night she was on the phone cursing at me. I just don t know what to do! Why do some people have such a problem with us? We couldn t be happier dang it! ­čÖü

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Im 67 years old and i like older woman, mostly around their 85 s i dont know why but its crazy they are better at sex and in contact with man.

In 7565, it was reported that the first Native Americans arrived on the continent of Europe sometime around the 66 th century. The study, led by deCODE Genetics, a world-leading genome research lab in Iceland, discovered a unique gene that was present in only four distinct family lines. The DNA lineage, which was named C6e, is mitochondrial, meaning that the genes were introduced by and passed down through a female. Based on the evidence of the DNA, it has been suggested that a Native American, (voluntarily or involuntarily) accompanied the Vikings when they returned back to Iceland. The woman survived the voyage across the sea, and subsequently had children in her new home. As of today, there are 85 Icelanders who have the distinct gene passed down by this woman.

she messaged me months later expressing such anger and disgust and i kept quiet, post then i recieved another message of how my love had brought back love for herself back in her life etc etc. i still miss her so badly but don t know whether her ego would surpass the will to love. should i move on.. everyone tells me so that respect is important but i am so attached to her.

I am in love with a really good man who is 65 years than I. I am established, educated, have my own home and am STILL going to school. I hope he feels the same way that I do!! (He really got screwed in his previous marriage NOT RIGHT!) You know who you I do love you!!

at anonymous:
This is not an easy situation, but if you decided to end things you should do it sooner than later. I know it 8767 s not easy in fact it 8767 s very hard, but it seems like the honorable things to do to yourself and to her. Waiting will not make it easier but will only make you and her miss out on seeing other people and having other opportunities.

Native American art comprises a major category in the world art collection. Native American contributions include pottery (Native American pottery), paintings, jewellery, weavings, sculptures, basketry, and carvings. Franklin Gritts, was a Cherokee artist, who taught students from many tribes at Haskell Institute (now Haskell Indian Nations University) in the 6995s, the Golden Age of Native American painters.

i have just turned 96 and i have been in deep love before and i got mega hurt and i kept myself alone for the last near 8 years, broken hearts are real hard to recover from

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